Welcome to the Members Page of the Somerdale Fire Department, Inc. If you are already a member or looking to become a member, all membership information is on this page. Becoming an active member of the Somerdale Fire Department has many benefits. Explore the membership below!


With firefighter membership comes the opportunity to become an active volunteer in the community and help people through in-house training, attend training at the fire academy, and receive education from experienced fire service veterans.

Benefits include:

  • Pride of serving the community
  • Guest privileges
  • Becoming a local hero
  • Free rides on the Fire Trucks


Junior Auxiliary membership is available for those at least sixteen (16) years of age with permission from the applicant’s parent or guardian. This exciting opportunity allows the member to become acquainted with the fire department, trucks, and tools before becoming certified to fight active fires.


The fire police help secure the scene to keep our firefighters safe on emergency calls, aid in traffic control for neighboring communities, and assist our police department. They are an integral part of the fire service. Members are recommended to achieve fire police certification during their careers!

Benefits include:

~ Officially deputized as a legal safety authority


    A member qualifies for a lifetime membership based on a minimum of ten (10) years of activity and active service to the Somerdale Fire Department. This is considered to be a well-deserved honor for those who have provided time and effort to the company. The fire service is extremely rewarding!

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